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White Deer Celebrates its Heritage

Golf is a game of tradition unlike any other. With roots going back to the 1200s (and even further!), golf is an institution rich with heritage all over the world. Here at White Deer, we honor the traditions and heritage of golf that brought it from the small towns in Scotland all the way to our own golf sanctuary in Pennsylvania back in 1965.

Therefore, we have recently renamed the popular “Challenge Course” to the newly named “Heritage Course”. The layout you love and hole designs haven’t changed – just the name! We know that the community and camaraderie is what makes golf so great, and we want to ensure that we do right by our patrons to try to give back to the community, by showing that we understand why you love the game and why you’ve continued to play the “New Course” since 1990.

Come down to the club before the end of the year to play the “Heritage Course” and experience the rich history of White Deer Golf Complex, deep in the heart of Pennsylvania. We hope you’ll love the name change as much as we love serving you some of the best golf in the area!

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